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Current call-to-artists and requests for proposals for both public and private sector opportunities.

Artist Opportunities: About

Bid close: January 30, 2024

An additional three to five pieces will be bid in the future as funding becomes available. Bids are accepted through the City of Jefferson Purchasing Agent.

This project aims to increase community interest for public art and to offer artists a unique opportunity to showcase their original sculptural works that honor those who struggled and persevered in the local Historic Foot District area. Each sculpture will serve as a storytelling marker to communicate the historical significance of the Foot District and surrounding community. Each sculpture will represent an aspect of daily life for African Americans who lived and worked in this area between the 1900s and 1960s. 

The proposed concept should be an art piece inspired by the history of the local area as well as stories from those who lived, witnessed, and experienced segregation through generations.

Project contact: Leann Porrello,

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